Stats: Can they tell us how to choose winners in NFL games?

People have tried to predict every outcome for gambling since the beginning. Astrology has been used to predict winners in NFL games. reddit nfl streams Even though people don’t use coffee grounds, tea leaves, or crystal balls to pick NFL game winners, it doesn’t take long before someone claims that their pet or canine knows how to do so. If the teams were even, the best team will win 100% of time.

You can’t legislate to prevent injury, poor play, and desire. For me, sports is 95% stats and 95% information. The remaining 5% is the unknown, a misstep, a missed dunk or defensive error.

While picking the winning team for an NFL game is difficult, it is possible. Over the years, people have collected many stats about players and teams. While it’s not possible to predict which NFL players will win, knowing how to do so is a lot like a lottery. But computers can store more information about each team including their win-loss records in rain, snow, domes and on grass. With this information, we can make better gambling decisions. You can make more confident predictions about the outcome. It doesn’t mean every outcome will be perfect. Look at the Arizona Cardinals. Who would have thought they could make it to the Superbowl?

Should you follow your gut and not listen to stats or pundits? While gambling is not without risk, there are always unknowns. reddit nhl streams But I have heard of a system where stats and variables can be used to help you make better picks. I will use the system again to see if it is accurate when the season resumes. I’ll be using the system for MLB and NBA at the moment. Only time will tell if it is a real breakthrough in sports betting. Problem with breakthroughs is that once everyone is aware of them, the game is over. Since the system is only able to work at 63%, it will not work until it reaches more than 75%.

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